50 L$ Ad Boards


Thank you for being interested in our Service
*special offer for all our ad boards: pay 4 weeks with one payment – and get one week added FOR FREE
the free week will be added 24-48 hours after you rented, if not send a instant message to Benny Spingflower



50 L$ Ad Boards


The first ad boards are placed on a high traffic breedable sim, with aprox. 200  – 300 visitors a day and they are at the highest building to ensure high visibility.

Ad Boards at our own Sim .. Sweetflower
click here to teleport


Ad Boards located on second lifes mainland


First Location: very close to a Rez Zone
click to teleport



Second Location: very close to a SLRR trainstation!
click to teleport



you can add up to 5 textures and landmarks to one ad board.



you cant rent as many boards you like
those boards are located at a sim rated mature
that means you can have general and mature content to be advertised by your rented board, but no adult content, the rent of violators will be terminated WITHOUT warning or refund


How to rent those Boards ?

1. pay a board
2. click the rented board
3. click contents
4. click load
5. drag and drop your items form your inventory into the board WHILE HOLDING THE CTRL BUTTON ( you have 2 minutes to do so )
6. click ready
7. done


Why should YOU rent an ad board which is located at an mainland road or train track?

well its easy to answer: people! many people like to travel around the mainland continents, and those will possibly see your rented adboard and come to your place


Having Questions? Send an IM to Benny Spingflower


Send an Email to: bennyattack1984@gmail.com

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