Advertising Agency

Special Offer


Rent a bot for advertising:

your sales ( ALL BREEDABLES )
your auctions
your places
your rentals
your services
your products
your everything

We advertise in 35+ groups once an hour 24/7!


  • Just pay in a rental box
  • Write your text in a NoteCard (NC)
  • Put the NC in our mailbox
  • DONE

We do the rest for you!
Very affordable prices 25L$/day (GroupChat) 35L$/day (GroupNotices)


Q: How much does it cost to rent a bot?
A: 25 L$/day for chat and 35 L$ for Notice Advertising

Q: How does it work?
A: 1.) pay money in one of the rental boxes // 2. put your text into the notecard which the rental box gave you on rent // 3. put the notecard into our mailbox // 4. done we do the rest for you

Q: in how many groups will my text appear?
A: in 35+ to see the exact number of groups and the name of the groups look up the profiles from our bots

Q: how long will it take until you have started my ad?
A: it wont take longer than 24 hours, if it does you will get 2 days rental for free

Q: can I change the text from my ad?
A: yes, you can drop a new notecard with new text in the mailbox when ever you like

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