Full Lenght Videos

What kind of Full Lenght Videos can I book?

you can book me to make a variety of videos, for example for: Weddings, your products, your places, your parties, or services and more.



the prices for this are very hard to determent, it really depends on the effort I would have to put into making this video. The prices could be vary somewhere between 10000 and 30000 L$
I would be able to tell you the exact price, after we have talked about it and I know everything about what you want me to do.


What I need from you

basic things like SLURLS of the places I should record at, a script, you would need to tell me what kind of music you would like to have in the background, if any.
we will talk about it after you booked me, via IM or Voice Chat.


How long will the video be?

it depends on the assigment you give me, it can vary between 2 – 10 minutes


How long will it take until the video is done?

again, this is hard to say! It can take up to 14 days, but of course I will be trying my best to work as fast as possible


What will happen with the video after it is done?

I will upload it to my Youtube Channel and will publish it to all my subscribers and viewers
it will be shared on my facebook page ( personal page, and the ” thatslguy ” page )
and it will be shared at the Second Life Reddit
I will provide a copy of the video on a cloud storage so that you can download it
you will be able to upload it to your Youtube Channel, Facebook and so on, but please credit me in the description of the video, including the link of this site here.


When do you need to pay me?

its basically the same like with the pre rolls:  I want to make it as far as possible for us. That’s why you would have to pay me 50% of the total price after we have finished our conversations, and I have gotten everything I need to start working on your assigment. And after I am done you pay me the other half of the price.


Do you have any questions? Or do you want to book me?

fill out this contact form > Contact


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