What are pre – rolls ?

pre rolls are short ads before videos, normaly they do contain some graphics and  a spoken text which can be determent by the client.
Example Text: ” the following video is brought to you by XXXXXXX, XXXXXX offers you ” this and that ” for the following prices – go visit XXXXXX now the SLURL and more infos are in the description of this video.


  1. ) 10 – 15 sec. pre – roll = 3000 L$ per video
  2. ) 15 – 30 sec pre – roll = 5000 L$ per video


What I need from you

1- 5 Full Perm Textures
a written text of what I should say ( it needs to fit within the booked time frame )
additional infos (for example: slurl, prices, conditions of your service, info on your people could contact you) in a notecard, labeled ” video infos ” including your name


How long will it take until the video with my pre roll is done?

after booking the video with your pre – roll will be on my channel within the next 14 days ( unless something unpredictable happens to me rl )
but of course I will try my best to work as fast as possible on it


When do you need to pay me?

I want to make it as far as possible for us. That’s why you would have to pay me 50% of the total price after we have finished our conversations, and I have gotten everything I need to start working on your assigment. And after I am done you pay me the other half of the price.


Do you have any questions? Or do you want to book me?

fill out this contact form > Contact





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