Sweetflowers Breedables

Yes… you have read right… Sweetflowers Breedable Market is BACK!

After nearly one Year, when Sweetflowers has been fully closed, Benny Spingflower and Lorelay Melodie got the original old Sweetflower Sim back and reopened on 08. April 2018.
We tryed to take the old style of Sweetflowers, but with a (hopefully) nicer touch 🙂

First of all: We are an independent Market. This means, we do NOT have a Price-Minimum here in our Stalls for your Breedables!

What Sweetflowers has to offer:

  • FREE Bundle Clearance Area @Sweetflowers
    You can rez here up to 3 Bundles, Kennels, Baskets, Nests for FREE
    Only 2 Conditions:
    – Each rezed Object (Bundle, Kennel, Basket, Nest…) may only have 1Prim!
    – Everything has to be set 100 L$ or less!
    You can use the Bundle Area no matter if you are a tenant or not (only need the group to rez), tell your friends!

FREE Bundle Clearance Area

  • Stall Rentals: 100, 200 , 300, 400 Prims or more if needed with a price of 90 L$ / week per 100 prims
    Pay 4 Weeks with one payment get one week added for free!

Sweetflowers Breedable Market



  • Small Pet Area for: Ponies, K9s, Chickens and everything else, which is smaller than a horse 😉

Sweetflowers Small Pets Area



  • Need Additional Prims on your Rental Boxes? Go to our ” Extra Prim Office ” and
    Pay the rental box with your desired amount of extra prims

Extra Prim Office



  • Skybox Rentals: Several Sizes … with a price of 90 L$ / week per 100 prims
    Pay 4 Weeks with one payment get one week added for free!

SkyBox Rental Vendor



  • Chill out Area: Meetup and Relax here

Breedable Hang out



  • Silent Patron Auctions: 399 L$ for 20 Boards each with one Breedable max. plus 10% of the overall income in our donation box

Silent Patron Auction Place



  • Adverting Agency: Let your Text be Send out by bots through 30+ Groups ( 25 L$ / day = Chat | 35 L$ / day = Notices )
    Pay 4 Weeks with one payment get one week added for free

Advertising Agency



  • Auctions ( will be added in the near future )

Sweetflowers Auction Place




Should you have any questions please send an IM to Benny Spingflower or Lorelay Melodie


General Rules:

Rules are very simple:

– Turn off Sounds, Animations, Movements, Particles
– No Particle Poofers
– No rotating Prims
– No automated Landmarkgiver or Group Inviter – those which work via click are fine!
– Nothing on the Ground should be rezzed higher – or should be more – than 8 meters
– Do not cover the Sight to your Neighbors, respect the Stalls from others
– Always stay in your Prim Limit
– Pay your Rent in Time
– Do not rez Things which you dont know of what they are
– Rude Behavior will not be tolerated
– Missleading Offers will not be tolerated

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